Frequently Asked Questions

What options does American Postal Infrastructure offer to postal building owners?

API offers two solutions for owners: 100% cash for your post office or participation in our Partner Up Program. Learn more HERE.

How do I determine the value of my post office?

Call us at (844) API-TEAM, email contact@american-postal.com, or fill out our online inquiry form HERE.

What variables impact the value of my post office?

Annual rent, building square footage, maintenance responsibility, tax responsibility, property condition and age among other factors.

I’m a current tenant of API. Who do I contact for maintenance-related questions?

For maintenance-related questions, please email assetmanagement@american-postal.com or call our asset management team at 301-703-1007.

I own a post office in a multi-tenant building. Will API purchase my property?

Our core competency is owning individual stand-alone buildings; however, we will consider multi-tenant facilities. Please contact us at (844) API-TEAM.